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Name: Anuj Pipal Designation: Proprietor Company: Ample Moda
I am very happy with the AFQ Service. They have quality Products with competitive price. I recommended for Wholesale and retailers.
Name: Sumit Kumar Designation: Proprietor Company:
We have a successful business with AFQ Service by MilMila. They have good support of service
Name: Akash Gupta Designation: Business Head Company: Voila
Milmila capability of AFQ service helped us scale business. MilMila Team was a great support in sourcing.
Name: Hitesh Kumar Designation: Owner Company: Success Traders
I have been sourcing products from Milmila with AFQ service which brought huge difference in our business by their hassle-free sourcing solution with a quick quote in 6 hrs.
Name: Naresh Moonga Designation: Chairman Company: Ginni and Ginni
We have been using AFQ Service from MilMila from last 3 months. We trusted them with 15 to 20 Lakhs of business with a competitive price for one container. We like the transparency maintained by
Name: Sumit Gandhi Designation: MD Company: Anything n Everything Retail
MilMila helped us in fulfilling AFQ sourcing which gave real shift in the opportunity. We received best prices at our door step with option to select transportation (By sea & air). They removed the stress of sourcing from global factory.

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In India it is expected that online e-commerce will reach Rs 45 lakh crores by 2020 thus creating a crater of opportunity for businesses in both B2B and B2C segments. Markets in India are evolving and there is still ample scope for growth…in fact there is a strong need for platforms that embrace both B2B and B2C segments and create a holistic, sustainable and fair trading platform .

Milmila mingles B2B & B2C Business modes most seamlessly started off with a dream of empowering millions of small and medium retailers who are struggling with sourcing, procurement issues and are unable to find themselves a platform which offers decent exposure and a chance to buy wholesale online at best prices in India. has literally opened up the world for them by making global sourcing (even in micro amounts) a distinct reality.

In this short span of time retailers and customers, encouraged by the convenience, customer centricity and transparent business protocol of have actively managed to expand their business. For businesses it is now easy to reach out to buyers across India and abroad through existing marketplaces and sell.

For customers it is easy to access international quality products at fair prices since there is now an equitable B2B Online marketplace. Small time retailers get good quality products in bulk at wholesale prices from Milmila as they now have easy access to global suppliers.

Best wholesale online shopping India

India is a gigantic market of millions of retail shops and individual customers…all with different needs. When they approach, what they experience is best wholesale online shopping India., combining the b2b and b2c models most seamlessly, caters to the shopping needs of both merchants and end buyers. Milmila’s efficient business strategies make it one of the best wholesale online shopping India platforms in just no time. Milmila is directly connected to global factories and facilitates hassle-free, no-middleman sourcing of products. Quality guarantee, discounted pricing, hot deals, facility of buying each particular product type only in small quantities make the first choice of struggling small Indian traders. In other words, they find Milmila simply irresistible!

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