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About Milmila Technologies

Milmila.com is a VC funded (Approx.3M USD) B2B2C E-commerce platform based in Bangalore with a branch in New-Delhi, India. Milmila.com is established in the month of September 2017 by Prasun Sarkar, who is India’s former buyer operation head of Alibaba.com, one of the world’s biggest E-commerce platforms. The other Co-founders are from the cross-border B2B & B2C E- commerce platform over a decade of industry experience.

Currently millions of Indian retailers are experiencing difficulties for sourcing the right product locally and globally. The number of retailers is growing fast in the milieu of E-Commerce in India.

Milmila.com is taking the initiative to solve the sourcing problem for pan India SME retailers (Online & Offline) and empower the retailers with innovative products with better quality & design.

We are also dedicated to enabling the retailers to have on-demand sourcing of product locally and globally.

"Milmila.com is emphasizing on making a step ahead of the current E-commerce scenario and provides an effortless means for small-medium retailers to source ample products with international standards in the most cost-effective way."

Prasun Sarkar
CEO of Milmila.com

Our Mission & Vision

Milmila.com is very clear on the direction of the organisation and more focused on its future. We are following a well- crafted business strategy that aligns all the process towards the ultimate goal.

  • Mission

    Empower millions of Indian small medium retailers.

  • Vision

    Think bigger than the biggest.

Our Values

Milmila upholds the highest ethical standards that echo our vision and reflects our identity as it would build a strong customer base. We are adhering to the given set of values to everyone who we work with despite all the barriers and challenges.

  • Customer First

    Milmila holds the highest ethical standards and believes in a way that gains the trust of the customers. We care about the upshots of our decisions and actions on those we are dealing with. We put customers at the center of all our business actions and decisions and give more priorities to their needs and requirements. We are committed to denoting a long-term healthy relationship.

  • Empower

    We foster a creative and productive ambient based on trust and open communication that enable our team to expand their realm of knowledge and let them perform in their own way that consequently radiant a positive light to the organization and people around us.

  • Team Work

    We value the team efforts that encourage each other and combine different creative ideas by pinpointing the importance of individual contribution and delivering respective duties & responsibilities towards the big goal. A team binds up with mutual respect and trust is always an asset for an organization.

  • Embrace Change

    Flexibility can make a person versatile and achieve beyond what they are capable of. We are self-motivated and persuade ourselves to learn new things, behaviour, and other enhancing tactics to make ourselves versatile and resourceful.

  • Honesty

    Working with integrity is the core of our ethics and we are high-minded towards everything and everyone that we are committed to. We want our team to spare no effort to build a transparent and sincere relationship with all and sundry.

  • Commitment

    People who are determined in their obligations and render proactive support are always been valued more in an organisation. We exude our talent and drive ourselves with more excitement to take on new challenges and towards whatever we are doing.

  • Passion

    We reinforce relentless effort and consistent focus on our performance and progress keeping the will to never give up. We accept all the challenges with more excitement and enthusiasm to accomplish more heights.