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Carry your everyday necessities in good shape & with utmost convenience everywhere you go

Product Features

  • Hidden zippers at the back

    Amazing anti-theft technology in the form of hidden zippers at the back will protect the contents of the bag from falling prey to thefts.
  • USB charging port with cable

    The bag comes with a very convenient charging system with in-built cable to let you have the ease of charging your device anytime anywhere.
  • Water resistant

    The bags crafted out of water repellent material are resistant to water and spills. The material checks seepage of water into the interiors of the bag.
  • Shockproof technology

    The shockproof technology used in the bag facilitates maximum absorption, distribution as well as circulation of impacts in a way that keeps your devices safe.

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What Our Customers are Saying

  • "The USB Anti-theft backpack I picked from is selling like hot cake. My customers liked this unique product like anything, and are demanding for more supply. I am happy about the product quality and pricing. Thanks to Milmila Technologies"

    AmalPrince from Bangalore
  • "The merchandise made of USB Anti-theft Backpack with charging port that I picked from Milmila recently has brought me many new customers and has accelerated my sales unbelievably. I am happy with the kind of products they have offered me."

    Mohit Singh from Delhi
  • "As soon as I saw this product I decided to buy it and make it a part of my inventory. And yes, I took the right decision. Customers are making a bee line to my shop to grab this profit. I am happy with the ROI I have earned through it. Thank You!"

    Saleem from Bangalore