Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create my account?

Click on sign up or register and follow the steps. Please rest assured all your data is kept absolutely confidential. Please do not use false name or details while signing up. We take strict view and will suspend such accounts.

I cannot log in and it seems the password is wrong. What do I do?

When you sign up please write down your user name and password. However in case you have forgotten password, click on reset password and follow the next steps. You will receive guidance through email in which you have to click the link to reset password or you will get temporary password on your mobile.

I wish to close account. How to do this?

You can modify any details of your account by logging in. However, to close your account you have to send official email from the registered email address. We will delete account within 24 hours and all your data will be wiped.

Is it necessary that I deal only in products for which I register?

No. You can expand and buy and source whatever different products you are interested in and available on


How does help?

By registering as milmilatech member you get the benefit of our expertise in assistance with sourcing products you are interested in. You can do so on your own on this website. You can place online request and indicate products of interest. You can email us or phone us and we will customize sourcing to suit your business.

Are all such sources verified as regards safety of payments and quality of products?

Milmilatech conducts due diligence prior to registering and approving vendors who can become suppliers to small, medium and large retailers registered with us. You can be sure of that.

How to get clarifications before placing order?

You can phone, send email or use online form to ask questions of the supplier.

Is there minimum quantity?

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies from product to product and supplier to supplier so please check supplier’s product page.

How do I make payment?

You place order and on confirming, you will be taken to payments page where you can choose from the several options available. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, debit card, PayPal, MoneyGram and Western Union.


What different modes of shipping are available?

  • Speed post and international speed post
  • Courier – normal and expedited air courier
  • Air cargo consignments
  • Surface transport
  • Sea shipment for containers or large products

How much is shipping cost?

Shipping cost depends on products, dimensions, weight and quantity as well as mode of shipping. In case of large orders shipping costs are indicated separately as also for international shipping, based on the type of transport you choose. Taxes and other charges may be applicable on shipping according to originating country’s laws.

What about customs?

Customs duties may be applicable on international imports and clearance may involve delay. If you order through courier, they take care of clearance. Sea shipping and air cargo shipping may not include clearance services.

What if shipment is delayed or packages lost in transit?

  • If supplier cannot ship by due date and does not furnish acceptable reason you can ask for full refund, unless it is stated in the order confirmation that this is a custom product and no cancellation will be acceptable.
  • If shipping company is responsible for delay after product is shipped then matter has to be taken up with them and we will assist with refund processing with supplier. Large shipments are usually insured so you can claim insurance if package is lost in transit or damaged.

Can I buy and sell on

Milmilatech is here to help small, medium and large retailers across India get quality products worldwide at good prices and on best terms. However, if you have products to sell in India or across the world you can do so on milmilatech by putting up your storefront in which we shall assist you.