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Customer Success Stories

Name: Anuj Pipal Designation: Properioter Company: Ample Moda
I am very happy with the AFQ Service. They have quality Products with competitive price. I recommended for Wholesale and retailers.
Name: Sumit Kumar Designation: Properioter Company:
We have a successful business with AFQ Service by MilMila. They have good support of service
Name: Akash Gupta Designation: Business Head Company: Voila
Milmila capability of AFQ service helped us scale business. MilMila Team was a great support in sourcing.
Name: Hitesh Kumar Designation: Owner Company: Success Traders
I have been sourcing products from Milmila with AFQ service which brought huge difference in our business by their hassle-free sourcing solution with a quick quote in 6 hrs.
Name: Naresh Moonga Designation: Chairman Company: Ginni and Ginni
We have been using AFQ Service from MilMila from last 3 months. We trusted them with 15 to 20 Lakhs of business with a competitive price for one container. We like the transparency maintained by
Name: Sumit Gandhi Designation: MD Company: Anything n Everything Retail
MilMila helped us in fulfilling AFQ sourcing which gave real shift in the opportunity. We received best prices at our door step with option to select transportation (By sea & air). They removed the stress of sourcing from global factory.