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55 Degree Magic Thermal Cup

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By 31-Mar-2019 (Approx)
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  • Product Details
  • Product type: Temperature cup
  • Material: PP+stainless steel
  • Capacity: 280ml
  • Cup style: Straight cup
  • Uses: Insulation cup
  • Feature: Eco-friendly, stocked
  • Color: Yellow

55 degree water into the cup, shake (about 1 minute), you can drop to about 55 degree warm water,then you can immediately drink.Boiling water poured in, shake for about a minute, the temperature can be reduced to about 55 degrees, add cold water shake a minute, it will heat up.The product is suitable for the public, the product looks small and exquisite.The inside of the cup material is stainless steel, clean and environmentally friendly.Convenient and quick, you can drink 55 degree water at any time, drink plenty of water, then you stay healthy and dynamic.Step 1: The first cup of (hot water) : pour boiling water to 100 degrees Celsius, tightening the lid, shake up and down about unscrewed the lid after 1 minute, cup boiling water was rapidly cooled to drinkable water.Step 2: Second cup (cold water) : it can be cold water pour that tightening the lid, also about 1 minutes after shaking up and down again unscrewed the lid and the cup was cold water will quickly become can be immediately drinking, 55 degrees of warm water.Step 3:Third cup (hot water) : if after the first cup of water to drink, also want to inject into the cup, 100 degrees Celsius boiled water, middle interval about 1 hour, or cooling effect is not so obvious.


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