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Milmila Services and Benefits is an online ecommerce marketplace with the happy, smiling face of an Indian merchant whom we affectionately nickname as Mr. MM. is as much for the benefit of buyers as it is for merchants of every type, ranging from the small local retailer to medium sized merchant to wholesaler and actual manufacturers of products. Milmila is also a platform for wholesale buyers to buy products direct from manufacturers and benefit by price advantage as well as long term contracts and favorable terms.

  • is a common platform for individual buyers to find sellers of a range of products such as accessories, bags, fashion, home and kitchen products, healthcare products, electronics and other consumer goods at the best prices and on best terms.
  • is a platform for sellers of products to reach out to a vast audience. Sellers may include individual retail sellers, wholesalers, distributors and even manufacturers. Sellers may sell to retail buyers or they may cater to bulk trade. is a flexible platform catering to all segments.
  • is a platform for buyers. These may be individual buyers, stock and sale buyers, online retailers and bulk buyers as well as distributors.
  • Agents are not allowed in any category.
  • is a marketplace without borders.

Direct sourcing/buying serves as a platform to connect wholesalers and retailers with bulk sellers and manufacturers so that they get genuine products at best prices, on the best terms and in good time plus the assurance of guarantees. We encourage authorized distributors and manufacturers to make use of platform to reach out to wholesalers and retailers. Of course, they can also sell direct to individual buyer. facilitates procurement and supplies across the world in the consumer products section.

On demand sourcing/buying

The online marketplace has given rise to a unique situation in which quite a few sellers list products without actually keeping them in stock and arrange for direct shipping from their source. There is a risk that such sources may not have products in stock and this could lead to misunderstanding and delays. We promote the concept of such retailers setting up a secure, safe and reliable supply line from our recommended manufacturers and sellers registered on this platform and be assured of price guarantee, product guarantee, authenticity and delivery guarantee. Milmila also serves as a conduit to get in touch with genuine suppliers with our sourcing program. This helps retailers on our platform to offer genuine and better products and also widen their product base.


Quality guarantee

We verify and check all suppliers, regardless of whether they are distributors, wholesalers, stockists or manufacturers and enter into binding arrangements about product quality, delivery, prices and guarantees. This assures retailers on our marketplace peace of mind, right price, timely delivery and logistic support as well as fair returns and replacements that enhances their reputation with end buyer.

Defect control

We validate and check bulk suppliers and products from all perspectives with emphasis on defect control. This is backed by binding agreements to make free replacements of products found to be defective or damaged in transit or to affect full refund.

Sourcing support and logistics

We have set up supply lines with manufacturers and wholesalers as well as distributors of products worldwide and online retailers registered on our marketplaces can source their requirements from our approved list and be assured of peace of mind. We assist with finding products buyers need and can search on their behalf. We also assist in making arrangements in which retailers need not stock all products, especially slow moving products, and can pass on order for direct shipment by the main stockist.

On demand sourcing

In case of special items that may be required by any registered retailer or wholesaler, our procurement specialists can swing into action and arrange on demand sourcing from vetted and verified supplier with best negotiations done on your behalf.

Safe and secure local payment

Payments are secure and safe through https payment gateways that have full SSL encryption. Moreover, buyers have the facility of making payment in local currency through their banks and thus avoid hassles involved with foreign exchange transactions.


For bulk buyers we offer the facility of samples to evaluate before confirming final order. This facility is only for those who will purchase a minimum quantity in one lot and payment for such samples must be made in advance. Should an order be placed the cost of samples will be adjusted in the order amount.

Special services

Quality guarantee

We know how important quality is at all price points in all product sectors. We have gone to great lengths to ensure products offered on platform meet our norms of quality and are backed by our 100% quality guarantee support.

100% defect control

Without conscious insistence on quality and assurances of guarantees, it is likely that the percentage of defect in product supplies will be higher. Because we are strict, we can assure buyers that most products have zero defects. Still, despite best efforts, some products may still have some defects but in such cases we offer replacement and returns to ensure full satisfaction for buyer.

Global sourcing support has a specialized team only for sourcing products locally and from international markets. aims to be a marketplace online without borders and offers retailers a great chance to capitalize on this buy taking advantage of our sourcing service to expand their product portfolio and engage more customers.

WE can activate sourcing on specific requests for specific products. Then, there is also another way. We keep on expanding and adding products to our product portfolio list. Retailers and buyers on our marketplace can subscribe to our services and receive updates on products available in various categories. They can then channel supplies through for such products if found suitable. Thirdly, if retailers and wholesalers wish to expand operations, they can let us know products of interest or ask us for advice on the right products to complement their existing set up. We offer full support in all instances so that you prosper on milmila.